Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why preparing for transplant is like preparing for preschool

In preparation for St. Margaret of Scotland Preschool Adah has had her latest couple of visits to the pediatrician and emerged with three vaccinations and one blood test for lead poisoning.
Today I had what should be my last visit to my primary care doctor. Since I’ll be immunocompromised after transplant he saw this as a good chance to boost my immunity.  So I also left the doctor’s office with two sore shoulders, four shots (Hepatitis A, Hib, Meningococcal and Prevnar) and two Clifford the Big Red Dog band-aids to show for it.
Adah’s first words, “Ahhhhhhh! Did it hurt, Daddy?” 
Yes it did, and I didn’t even get a sucker or sticker like this kid did.  

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