Friday, August 9, 2013

How obstructive lung disease makes me more like a teenager than an old man!

I tend to get picked on by some of my colleagues in a little brother sort of way.  Here is how one of those email conversations went  the other day:

Me: Some smart aleck comment about a project.

Colleague: I'm going to send you to your room again!

Me: But Moooommmmm. I didn't even do anything.

Colleague: Straight to bed, no TV, put on your headgear, acne medicine, and turn on the sound machine. AND GO TO SLEEP!

Me: If my nasal cannula counts as head gear, the prednisone continues to cause break outs and my oxygen compressor functions as a white noise/sound machine, I'm not too far off! (Here I thought my COPD was turning me into an old man, really I'm just becoming a teenager! Yeah for me. Do I get to go to Prom again?!)

Colleague: Only if Eileen says yes!

(Which is as good an excuse as any to post another high school dance photo.  Evidently the previous prom photo has gained its own cult following with certain readers of Born for More.  Enjoy readers).

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  1. Just saw this while looking for your new address - nice pic! - Joy