Thursday, August 29, 2013

Measuring Life in Fours

Four hours to wait between breathing treatments;
For a life well-lived by my donor-hero-to-be;
Fore-facing with faith;
Four the Family Mosher holding on
For a future of yet unknown mores.


  1. For the love you share
    Four corners of the world you reach
    For the legacy we see and that which we may never know
    For God's unending love

    The Sollers

  2. Love both of your posts, Pete and Joan. Love you too! Joy

  3. For the exact measure of strength you need each day to persevere...
    For comfort and peace of mind as you face uncertainty and change...
    For immeasurable joy and love in the moments with family and friends...
    Four, family, friends-(past, present and future), and the medical community all with you on this journey.
    Wishing you blessings each day!