Monday, August 19, 2013

Odds & Ends

At the request of my mother, I have added a "Follow by Email" subscription option for the blog on the right-hand column (just under the YouCaring photo). Just enter your email, click "Submit" and I'll SPAM your email with every post if you so choose.  I realized that an RSS option wasn't sufficient when two of our younger, hipper, tech savvy friends admitted that they didn't really know what that was all about.  (Will either of you come forward and identify yourselves?).

In other news, so that people are aware, we've begun to add some new volunteer activities for our Cincinnati Send-off on September 21st as well as our relocation to St. Louis to our Caringbridge Calendar.  The calendar can also be found under the "Join Team Mosher" link in the right hand column.  (Just make sure that you sign up for the right activity in the right city or else you'll have a five to six hour drive to figure in one way or another).

And as for the Cincinnati Send-off, all are welcome, Saturday, September 21st at 2pm at St. Clare Church.  More details and an RSVP can be found on the post from August 11th or on the link in the right-hand column. 

We hope to see many of you there!


  1. Jeez - REALLY?!?

    Even your older, somewhat tech savvy FATHER knows about RSS feeds and even knows how to set up an RSS reader!
    (So now I will have shamed your friends into silence for sure!)
    But the email "SPAM" option is working quite well for us. It was nice to see Adah's picture pop up in our email inbox the other day!


  2. If you are talking about me, I will just say that I do not consider myself "tech savvy."