Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Calling TeamMosher - St. Louis!

Hey TeamMosher - St. Louis!

Remember when we launched our Caringbridge Calendar and some you bemoaned the lack of volunteer opportunities in St. Louis?  Your time has come!

Now that we are settling into to something of a “normal” St. Louis routine, we have a better idea of how you can help support us in our home away from home.  We’ve added four different repeating volunteer requests to the TeamMosher Caringbridge Calendar.  (See the link to the right to “Join Team Mosher.”) Here are the sorts of things we are looking for:

What: Family-friendly homes willing to host us for dinner (we’ll even make or bring it, our treat!) and a play date.  (Our apartment can only contain so much by way of children, toys, fun and energy).
When: Once every couple of weeks

What: Childcare (for Eileen & Pete Dates)
When: Once every couple of weeks

What: Morning Childcare (for Eileen to have a morning for herself)
When: Once a week
What: Late Afternoon Childcare (for Eileen & Adah to have some special mother-daughter after school time)
When: Once a week
(Please note that the dates and times listed on the calendar only serve as placeholders. We can work out a specific date and time between our schedules and your own).

Thanks to all of those who have already lent a hand and welcomed us back to St. Louis in one way or another.  We look forward to spending more quality time with you and yours in our weeks and months of waiting yet to come.

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