Thursday, October 10, 2013

In sickness and (very soon in full) health

Last week was a roller coaster week for the extended Mosher family.  (Hence no blog postings).  On Monday of that week my sister Katie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  That’s not exactly the news our family needed nor the extended honeymoon that she and her husband Andrew were looking for.
Katie Mosher Wright 
Fortunately we learned on Tuesday that the tumor is a papillary carcinoma  one of the slowest growing and easiest to treat forms of cancer.  None the less, Katie will be undergoing surgery to remove her thyroid on Monday, October 21st to be followed with a week of radioactive iodine treatment in November. 
While Katie’s long-term prognosis is excellent, understandably this is an unexpected source of stress and anxiety for her, Andrew, and the whole family.  I know that the TeamMosher’s Born for More community is strong and generous, so I ask that you add Katie, Andrew, the Mosher and Wright families to your prayer lists these coming weeks.   Due to the overwhelming financial generosity of TeamMosher, Eileen and I are in a position to extend our own personal financial gift to support them and ease their medical bills.  Thank you all for allowing us the privilege of “paying it forward” to my sister and brother-in-law.  
Your expressions of generosity, prayer and concern can be sent to Katie and Andrew at and

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