Friday, September 27, 2013

Go Billikens!

Adah and Eamon found the Billiken during SLU's homecoming soccer game.
While driving up to campus, Eamon identified familiar landmarks like "church," "water fountain," and "airplane."  Upon dropping Eileen and Adah off behind Griesedieck Hall to register for Homecoming, Adah's very first words were the exclamation, "Wow Mommy, the grass is all cut so well!"  (Fellow SLU alums know I couldn't make this stuff up!).


  1. Too cute!! That dress makes Adah look so grown up :) Miss all of you mucho xoxoxo love, Katie

  2. Whenever Adah wears that dress she says she is getting ready for a conference call!

  3. Who cares about U.S. News & World Report Rankings with a campus that looks so good? I wonder what Adah would have to say about one of my favorite statues that popped up by Hotel Ignacio: This picture does not do it justice. She (the statue) really gives "the floozy in the jacuzzi" a run for her money.

    1. We haven't visited the monument to the patron saint of boutique hotels just yet. We'll have to make note to keep eyes shielded from the tan in the sand. Maybe this is how the floozy started and she's been trying to rinse the sand off ever since.

  4. Adah has conference calls? WOW! Did you see the bonsai Billiken outside of the Busch Center when you were there, too? - Joy

  5. Can we recruit Adah for the OKCPTE...we need a coordinator of conference calls. Oh my, Eamon looks just like you Pete and Adah like Eileen! Beautiful kids!
    Amy Both

  6. This is a fantastic picture--too cute! I love it! -Andi