Friday, September 27, 2013


Fair warning, I am not as eloquent, deep, or polished as my husband.  Words have never been my thing (just ask my High School AP English teacher, God rest her soul) but I feel like I need to say some things. 

The last 5 years have slowly gotten harder and harder.  For a long time Pete and I struggled to maintain our “normal” life by ourselves by altering our expectations and roles in our family.  It was hard for Pete to admit he had to change the way he lived his life and he hated to see how that in turn affected the rest of our little, growing family.  Slowly we allowed close family and a few friends in on those struggles, allowing them to help a little more here and there.  Each month and year got harder and we asked more and more of family and friends.  As our needs grew so did our support system.

When I looked around the church last Saturday I saw the many faces of friends and family from all our different circles.  I saw a church full of people who have been praying for us non-stop.  It was overwhelming to say the least. 

Pete’s reflection was beautiful, thoughtful, and did not have one hint of self-pity.  He addressed the crowd as he does best, using his brain.

I don’t live in my head.  Most of my actions and words are not that well thought out, which has gotten me in more than one pickle, they come straight from my heart.  Some would say I need a better filter.  But right now I need to say what has been pouring out of me: THANKS. 

I cannot say that enough.  THANKS.  I have so much gratitude in my heart.  There have been SO MANY people who have helped us get through each day.  I would have gone completely crazy by now if it hadn’t been for all the people who made us meals, watched our kids, picked up a weekend work shift, cut our grass, cut me some slack when my brain wasn’t working, sent me a Facebook message just to say hey, made or wore bracelets, traveled in for our send-off, sent gift cards or checks, and supported us in so many other ways. 

Now that we have transitioned out to St. Louis life has gotten easier in some ways and harder in others.  Our apartment has proven to be much easier for Pete to live in, no stairs, handicap parking, etc.  I have finally had a moment to stop and think, do a few things to take care of myself, eat three meals a day, and reflect on all the gifts that God has given.  Eamon is just going with the flow.  Adah is struggling to adjust to long school days without Mom and Dad around.  This has been hard on all of us but I am confident we will figure out how to make this new schedule work. 

As we live our advent life, be confident that each day as I am walking in the park, playing with the kids, taking care of Pete, I know that each of you is standing there with me, giving me strength and courage to get through each day.  Someone said recently “Each family has a story.  Theirs is an inspiration.” Well if it is, it is only because of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of people supporting us through prayer, gifts, time, and unending love.  You are all the inspiration, the amazing gift from God that gets us through each day.  I look forward to the day we return to Cincinnati and being able to give back to others who find themselves in times of need. 

From my whole being, Thank You.


  1. Eileen, don't sell yourself short. Sounds pretty eloquent to me!

  2. I agree with Dad/Uncle Kevin. It came from your heart, and it was very eloquent. I think about you constantly, Eileen. You inspire me with the grace and faith with which you approach each day. I am certain that you have your tough days and moments, and you are more than entitled to them, but we are ALL with you, as you said! Love to all of you!

  3. Eileen, it reads VERY eloquent to me also. I think Pete has some competition...

  4. I have got to stop reading this blog at work - I literally just burst out in happy tears - your heartfelt words are beautiful - and you are right- there are thousands praying for you! thank you again for sharing yourselves with all of us! Joy

  5. I've been trying to reply via an i phone and it is never successful. Alas I am sitting still at an old fashion desktop. Your post was so very wonderful. Just wanted to weigh in and tell you we are thinking about all of you! Godspeed