Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Greetings

If I were Pete, yesterday morning I would have been furiously downloading photos, the perfect Christmas song, and would have written and reread the text for the perfect Smilebox card at least five times.  It would drive me crazy, his perfection, his procrastination, his propensity for taking a shower ten minutes before we were supposed to leave for Christmas Eve Mass.  Instead after all the festivities are over, the kids are asleep, and here I am attempting to send out some sort of Christmas greeting.  If you are reading this there is no need to update you on our past year as one does in a Christmas card.  

I do feel the need to let you know that I appreciate all the kindness, messages of concern and love you have been sending to our family.  In general I know I have remained out of touch to preserve my energy, allow time to think and feel.  I know everyone understands these needs.  

Today was, of course, a hard day but I couldn't help but be grateful for the love that we had and the love that remains.  

Be who you are, Be present to those who you are with and Love the best way you can.

In peace and deep seeded joy.

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