Monday, November 11, 2013

Look who’s turning FIVE on November 24th!

This girl is strong, funny, precocious, intelligent and generally a sweet girl.  Adah was born with a strong personality and knows what she wants.  We are so proud of the little person she is becoming and are confident that she is going to be a very successful adult.
She has been a trooper throughout this process and in many ways has had to deal with more change than the rest of our family.  We have asked her to grow up a little quicker, be a little bit more patient, and be open to LOTS of different people swooping in to take care of her and her brother.  When we decided we needed to make the move to St. Louis we took her from a preschool she loved and where she had already made close friends - a place where she would be in school for three, half-days and home with mom and grandparents the rest of the week. 

Then we moved here and started her in a new school with new rules, new kids, uniforms, and five full days!  She struggled the first month: each day upset, refusing to get dressed, refusing to eat breakfast and I had to physically peel her off of me when I dropped her off.  However, for the past few weeks she has had a real turn around, enjoys school, knows LOTS of the students from all different grades and classes.  We got a great report from her teacher. She seems to be doing REALLY well and one day even requested to stay at school instead of coming home at the end of the day.  Now if we could just see that angelic behavior at home!

So in short Adah has had to deal with so much more than many people have had to deal with in their first two decades of life.  I know that she will continue to be strong and will triumph through more trials in her life.  I also know that she and I will have to be good buddies as we get through this life that we share.  As she grows I continue to reflect on that and work hard to keep all of this in perspective, especially when she struggles with her “listening skills.” 

So as she nears her fifth birthday away from home I would love for our mail box to be flooded with birthday cards so she feels all that love that we know you have for her.  

Here is our address if you don’t already have it - if you have a few minutes to send JUST a card for her birthday. 

4401 Chouteau Ave. #2110
St. Louis MO 63110

Thank you all in advance. 


  1. Your words, "Now if we could just see that angelic behavior at home!" reminds me very much of Mums when she would sigh and say, "I am glad you saved this poor behavior for home!" She was proud of the positive comments people made about her 4 little Moshers, as I am sure you are of Adah and Eamon.

  2. You got it! Love you! Joy

  3. Consider it done. Joey